Certain developments require applications for licenses, permits and authorizations to be available before the development can be established. These applications cover a variety of industries from mining, establishment of townships, agricultural industries, applications for domestic waste disposal sites, the siting of discard dumps, slimes dams and any mining or reclamation facility and many more. Environmental Management Group prides itself in having expertise to carry out a large variety of these applications.  Environmental Management Group is involved in the following application processes:

•  Environmental Authorizations for Environmental Impact Assessments and Basic Assessments

•  Environmental Management Plans

•  Due Diligence Reporting

•  Waste Management License Applications

•  Water Use License Application and General Authorizations

•  Prospecting and Mining Permit and Closure Applications and Authorizations

•  Atmospheric Emissions License Applications

•  Environmental Control Audits and Inspections

•  Environmental Induction Training

•  Specialist assessments including; Heritage, Geohydrology and Ecological